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High quality natural extracts from Germany

About company Artonsa

Artonsa GmbH is known as a German supplier of natural extracts, concentrates, flavors and colors for beverages, dairy products and confectionery in the CIS countries.

Our company operates in the market since August 1995 and is located in Dortmund.

Thanks to the leading scientific experts and innovative laboratory we try to give your product unique, memorable and most of all natural and stable color, aroma and flavor.

We will be glad to cooperate with your company!

Our staff will always help you with the choice of products, and advise the best option.

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Artonsa GmbH

Our production


Full line of natural, high-grade fruit aromas


Grape peel extract and black carrot extract


Grape juice concentrates, white and red

Service Artonsa

Artonsa GmbH offers professional consulting by solving the technical and microbiological problems, as well as the requirements of the current food legislation.

Our scientific experts and engineers of our company constantly take part in foreign countries and in-house seminars. You get professional consulting on the latest technological innovations and product development strategies.

In our Innovative laboratory we will help you in to develop  your product and to implement  the individual recipes.

The laboratory of Artonsa GmbH conducts extensive research in solving problems and makes recommendations to the processing and stabilization of the problematic products.

All our flavors have pure characteristic varietal flavoring and aromatic characteristics, giving special tones to the aroma and taste of the finished products inherent in high-quality varietal fruits, which is confirmed by leading expert tasters and specialists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries.


Grape skin extract is the most important source of anthocyanins, water-soluble pigments that are widespread in nature, dye many plants, vegetables and fruits in delicious red, purple and blue colors.

Natural colors

Our products are highly stable and do not give tartar and protein opacities. Thermo and light resistant, they do not change the color, taste and aroma during long-term storage of finished products.

Essential oils